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Welcome to VEED

We're a growing team!

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  • Talented team of experts

  • Fully Remote

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Hear from our team

  • What I love most about working here is that we get a lot of freedom and autonomy to do our jobs - no one tells you what to do, you can figure that out for yourself. On top of that, the team gives me a lot of energy, we’ve got people from all over the world, and everyone puts their heart into the work, so you never feel alone.

    Samuel Beek

    Head of Product 📍Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Sometimes I have to pinch myself to check that working at VEED is real and not just a dream. I went from being a frustrated employee at my old workplace to a freelancer in search of more than just a job. I wanted a space where exploration is encouraged, ideas are open to being challenged, your potential is uncapped, and where my time is respected so I can actually have a happy healthy life outside of work. VEED is all these things for me and I can’t emphasise enough how fulfilling it is to work here. A truly rare opportunity.

    Diana Briceño

    Head of Content 📍California

  • VEED is an awesome place to work. It is great to be a part of such a fun, diverse and skilled team that truly puts the user first!

    John Hamilton

    Senior Product Manager 📍London, United Kingdom

  • Veed has one of the best cultures I have ever seen at a company. The people here are intelligent and bring positive energy to work every day. Everyone is always willing to help each other out.

    Jurn van Wissen

    Product & Engineering, Monetisation 📍Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • Having worked in different corporate settings for so long, working at VEED is quite a refreshing experience. I love the energy around me and the people I work with. It’s nice to feel valued for the work I do, to be rewarded when it matters, and to be part of a company that’s continuously growing on all fronts! I look forward to many more years with VEED!

    Natalia Go

    Content Writer 📍Antipolo, Philippines

  • Working in a company full of talented creatives only drives more creativity, and when that creative energy is focused on what's best for VEED's users, you get some incredible results. I'm grateful that being a fully-remote company hasn't stopped our culture, quality of work or learning opportunities. Plus it just feels good working under empathetic leadership!

    Alec Wilcock

    Video Team Lead 📍Montpellier, France